Skincare routine in April AM/PM

Here i would like to share products that i’ve been using during the month of April.

In the morning I love to nourish and give as much hydration as I can to my skin- the aim is to not feel tight during the day. The best active ingredients in this month are niacinamide, Ceramide, and Fermented extracts.


☀️Cerave “Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser” I really enjoy using it, it is so simple, and not oily at all. Love it in the morning and on days when I don’t wear makeup or SPF.
☀️Missha “Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence” my second bottle, something is special about it, love the liquidy texture and how it feels on the skin
☀️Stratia Rewind- serum with 5% niacinamide, good product. Not sure if I will repurchase it.
☀️Cosrx “Centella Aqua Soothing Ampoule” liquidy serum, nothing special noticed atm
☀️Benton “Fermentation Eye Cream” -another okayish product, nothing special
☀️Sur.Medic “Super Ceramide renewal cream” -ceramide cream, that has rich texture.
☀️Banobagi “Milk Thistle Repair Sunscreen” I loved the old version, in new one has a weird smell, and a bit of white cast if to put too much on the skin

🌟Emma Hardie Cleansing balm -Love it, especially in the winter because of its rich texture and how it nourishes the skin
🌟Real Barrier Cleansing oil balm— a horrible product, it stings the eyes so badly… so I use it on days when I don’t have makeup, but only SPF.
🌟Huxley “Secret Sahara Cleansing gel”— beautiful product, only one pea is enough to wash all face and the smell reminds me smth more luxurious.
🌟Purito “All-in-One Mild Pad”— helps me keep my face clear on days when I don’t need strong exfoliation and can be used every day for my sensitive skin.
🌟Paula’s Choice “Anti-Redness Exfoliating Solution’’— also a gentle product for sensitive skin
🌟Pai “Detoxifying Overnight face oil” good oil, but i love the original version more
🌟Allies of Skin “Molecular Barrier Recovery cream balm” love the texture, smell, and how it feels. I wish it could be more nourishing, but I’m okay to use it with oil. But sometimes this cream behaves so strange- it can get rolled off under SPF or makeup.

📝I also have one more product on the background — Allies of Skin Mandelic Serum. I enjoy using it. So my scheme for using exfoliation will be as:
Mon, Wed, Sat: Purito
Tue, Sun: Paula’s Choice toner
Thu: AOS Mandelic serum
Fri: restoring the barrier, hydration

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